Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sambutan Ulang Tahun ke125 SMKE7 Taiping


TAIPING: Some of them are corporate figures and politicians, a few
are top brass in the armed and police forces while others have proven
themselves as sportsmen. Their backgrounds may be diverse, but they
have now come together to honour and glorify their alma mater: King
Edward VII School.

In conjunction with the school's 125th anniversary this year, these
men plan to raise RM1 million for it.

It is intended for present and future Edwardians, so they may carry
on the tradition of winning for their school.

The old Edwardians, with Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik as patron, are
organising a charity grand dinner and will publish a coffee-table book
to raise the money.

Speaking after the launching of the 125th King Edward VII School
Anniversary here yesterday, organising committee chairman Datuk Seri
Dr Abdul Shukor Abdullah said it was time that the school had its own
trust fund.

"Many distinguished schools in our country such as the Victoria
Institution have their own trust funds to sponsor extra-curricular
activities to boost their standing, glory and honour.

"Similarly, the old boys' association has decided that the time is
right to set up such a fund to sponsor sports activities and for the
school band.

"We will get the old Edwardians to contribute to this fund," said the
president of Old Edwardian Kuala Lumpur.

The 125th anniversary was launched by Dr Ling, an old Edwardian and
the only Edwardian to have been bestowed with the title Tun.

Abdul Shukor said the dinner was expected to be held in August while
the coffee-table book, co-ordinated by Media Prima chairman Datuk
Abdul Mutalib Razak, would be published beforehand to be sold to the
old boys.

Abdul Mutalib said the book was nearing completion and that only
3,000 copies would be printed, adding that the price per copy had not
yet been determined.

"The book will contain the school's history, biodata of headmasters
and principals, stories of outstanding Edwardians and scholarly
articles reprinted from the school's old magazines," he said.

Among the personalities who studied at the school were Sultan
Iskandar Shah and Sultan Abdul Aziz Almustasim Billah Shah, the 30th
and 31st rulers of Perak; and Yusof Ishak, who was the first president
of Singapore.

The Raja Permaisuri of Perak Tuanku Bainun was once on a teaching
stint at the school.

Meanwhile, Mohaideen Mohd Ishack, president of the Old Edwardian
Association Malaysia, said a museum displaying achievements of the old
Edwardians would be set up to motivate present-day students to excel
in all fields.

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